Any further questions? Ask the shrimp! (txvoodoo) wrote,
Any further questions? Ask the shrimp!

cooking mmmm

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gnocchi omggggggg
I LOVE gnocchi. I need to make more from scratch and put in freezer.
You make them from scratch? Awesome.
I have only had it once, but I talked about it for WEEKS after!
Oh, yes! I need to find that recipe. It's time consuming but SO worth it - when I do it, I make a shitload and freeze in bags for later. Much cheaper than buying prepackaged too.

I want to try this recipe for sauce too.

How to make potato gnocchi

I have a recipe for ricotta gnocchi, too, somewhere. Ricotta gnocchi are much lighter. Here are 2 I found online. One -- Two
Wow, those are really awesome recipes. Thanks so much. :D

I'm forwarding to my really-good-at-cooking friend right now to see if he wants to try them with me.
I was just looking at the same thing.
This was so easy and is SO satisfying. The brown butter flavor is to die for.
Dear god. This makes my ham sandwich and grapes look so fail in comparison. Even if I saw this first though, I probably wouldn't have done it tonight. Anything with 'assembly required' on work nights feels like too much. So I go for 'least assembly required.'

Do you think this would work with butter substitutes? Since all we have in the house ever is I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.
I don't think it would - I'd pick up a single stick of it.

I've started doing that since all the data on substitute fats started coming out. I figure, in moderation or small quantitites, I'd rather have the flavor. Also, it just cooks DIFFERENTLY.

BTW, though? It was EASY. 15 mins max. Put the water on to boil, start the butter on LOW flame, by the time water boils, throw in gnocchi which cooks in like 3-5 mins. While that's cooking, put in the chicken broth, raise heat a bit, reduce. Then drain gnocchi, toss into pan w/ butter/herbs etc, brown it a little. Drain off the excess butter.

Great thing about gnocchi - you don't need as much water to cook it!
Maybe I'm just crazy, but I think ICBINB tastes more like butter than actual butter. The food supplier is a bit contradictory. Everything is diet or the fake stuff (equal for sugar, etc). I asked for a bag of Cape Cod chips today when she went to the store and she refused. I come home from work and there's boxes of chocolate chip muffins, teddy grahams, etc. I was all like "... uh, whut?"

I wouldn't doubt it, just when I come home from work, the last thing I want to do is cook ANYTHING, so it's usually pre-prepped food (Uncle Ben's ready rice, mmmmm), leftovers, or something with very light assembly like sandwiches.
The thing about ICBINB isn't the taste, but how it cooks. It has more water in it, and doesn't reduce and emulsify like real butter, so it just doesn't work properly!

(things I learn from Alton Brown :D)
I kind of figured anything that's like the space version of the real thing is chemically made up different, hence it cooks different. Just figured I'd ask. :)

(Yes, he is wonderful. I ♥ him.)
MMMMM Daughter 2 and I think this is a winner for next week, thanks! I've never seen that site before, I'm looking forward to browsing extensively when I have more time.
OH my - Foodgawker is my food porn/crack site. Sign up for an account there - that way you can favorite items (by clicking on the heart) and search for things by keyword.

The interface is so that if you click on a photo, it opens up the originating blog post.
OMG, this place is like nirvana for foodies! Thanks for turning me on to it!
Oh yum yum. I haven't had gnocchi in ages...

And I really do need a cooking icon!

Deleted comment

It's really SCRUMPTIOUS, isn't it??? And so simple.