Any further questions? Ask the shrimp! (txvoodoo) wrote,
Any further questions? Ask the shrimp!

3rd Daylight Savings Time Public Service Announcement :D

It's now an annual tradition!

Have you, too, noticed a preponderance of sad, almost-depressed, emo posts on your friends' list? Puzzled?

Wonder no more! It's almost certainly due to the evil Setting Back of the Clocks Lack of Daylight Blues!

2 years ago, I posted about this, with a lot of suggestions on how to beat it - and asked for more from ye olde flist - and you came through WONDERFULLY. That post is a fabulous resource of how to lift yourself out of the doldrums.

So if you need to, read it again, and then come back here with YOUR suggestions! Feel free to pimp - the more suggestions for beating it, the better!

And some news links, proving it's NOT imaginary :D And apparently some of this may just be our bodies resetting to natural, normal time, which is thrown off by the time change in spring.

ETA - I linked the First Annual post - I meant to before! :D
Tags: dst, mental health, psa
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