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Any further questions? Ask the shrimp!
If you're here for the Dom/Lost goodies, yay!

Please be aware, though, that I just can't friend everyone back these days. I would never be able to make it through my f-list :) But feel free to hang out and comment. I don't post much friends-locked anyways!

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Because I said I would do it, and even though I'm embarrassed because people are too nice:

15 words about me, from my friends (in honor of Wonderfalls, R.I.P. *sniff*):

"Smart, funny, intuitive, inspired, inspiring, motivated, motivating, direct, quick, kind, animal lover, Dom/Billy/James luvr, FUN, FUN, FUN!"
- killingqueen

"sweet, kind, fun, energetic, talkative, smart, doxie mom, best board momma, workout queen, good friend
- lurky

"Insane (in a good way), beautiful, intelligent, smartass of a woman who POATS IN SECRET!!
- buffyx

"A vivacious creature making her home in Texas, Voodoo is a Sparkly through and through."
- chenanceou

"You will never get close to Voodoo. She's 100 percent unattainable. Well, unless you're Dom."


"Voodoo is highly schmooshable. In fact, she's one big schmoosable snarkfest. And we love her."
- mistakency (I used both because they made me giggle madly)

"An evil fandom mole, working for the world wide conspiracy to hide Dom's undeniable gayness."
- unfilthy, determined to counter all the sunny, happy and delusional comments here.

Net geekette for many years. Living in Texas, wishing I were in Florida, but hey, such is life.

My LJ Profile name comes from this pic and nazwaz's commentary :D

I really suck at crediting people for brushes I use in icons, so here goes with the crediting. If you notice I've used your brushes and haven't credited you, poke me, and I shall remedy here.

Brushes & textures in icons, headers, layouts, and other graphics from: buffyx, teh_indy, joli_papier, disasteriffic, _joni, glamoury, grrliz, september_icons, dearest, kalijean, __kali__, pfefferminzchen, tynyxicons, liss07, glass_prism, far2far_away, ownthesunshine, hanako_lovely, hermintage, sharpfragments, regen, arisubox, 30yearwar, lookslikerain, ewanism, cgd, zinzibar, aconite, jadedicons, asya_17, discordandnight, _iconographer, _tayler, requiem_light, ibejeska, hexicons, iris_elegance, anitabuchan, anais_dirge, candycrack, jubilli, Oxoniensis Art and others. (Please let me know if you see something that is obviously yours - I've probably forgotten where I got it from. Tip, though - if you're a brush/texture maker, including your username in the zip file or regular filename is the easiest way for folks to remember who made what!)

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